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Just Like Home - Only Better

This is a story about a businessman struggling with his new project, open market traps, great ideas, “Yes Boss” companies that turn ideas into dust and our unique approach that offers the solution. So, stay tuned!

1. Meet Jakob, an Idea Man

Jakob is a businessman. He has an awesome idea for a new project and he is so excited about its great potential and possibilities. Naturally, he would like to make his first move.

Meet Jacob, an Idea Man

2. Outsourcing Companies

Jakob is a modern businessman who believes in open market values and healthy competition. That is why he decides to get in touch with one of the outsourcing companies with only senior developers at incredibly low price. Amazing, right?

Outsourcing Companies

3. Outsourcing Complications

Well, not exactly amazing… Soon enough Jakob realizes how complicated things can get with this type of business arrangements. Senior engineers with whom he is communicating don’t get his ideas at all, and their “Yes boss” attitude doesn’t help either. Very soon the project stretches way above the designated timeline and Jakob realizes that they communicate in completely different languages. Massive difference in Time Zone is also one of the major obstacles.

Outsourcing Complications

4. A New Hope

Jakob does some research and finds out about this great young IT company called Saltcreek. He is sceptic at first but nevertheless he goes on to meet them in person, since they are actually a local enterprise. He always thought that local IT companies are more expensive but this soon proves to be wrong. Jakob finds out that Saltcreek can actually get it all done. After a couple of minutes into conversation and laying down blueprints and ideas he gets fast and exact feedback of what are the next steps in the process of development. Jakob is a bit worried since his idea is big and thus such a project can be daunting for a small team. But not for the guys at Saltcreek - surely enough they quickly reveal that they have a scalable team of professionals that can commit to a project of any proportion.

A New Hope

5. Better than expected

Saltcreek is able to provide high end custom software development services with guarantees of quality and professionalism as well as maximal protection of its customers interests. With their scalable partner team at INGSOFTWARE, Saltcreek is able to cope with any task and creative obstacle at any given time while remaining a local boutique company focused on its clients and their businesses. Jakob now knows that his ideas can now become reality - and maybe even better than expected. Awesome!

More Real than Reality

Little-Big Company

Our unique business model offers an exceptional combination of benefits. By working with us, you can get the best of two worlds:

Have a human touch of a local boutique software company
Still get the scalability of an enterprise with the ability to also get big jobs done


These are some of the benefits you can count on while working with Saltcreek:

No Delays

You can Expect Crystal Clear Communication and Dedicated Support

All Secure

We Will Provide Your Tailored Product

Open Interface to Partners

You Will Deal With Individuals, Not With Processes

One Card for Different Fuel Networks

We are flexible and agile

Highly Available

You Will Receive the Attention Required to Understand Your Needs

Easy Integration with ‘Offline’ Partners

We Scale Well and Have the Ability to Keep up With Your Business

Product Development Cycle

Before everything, we listen. We strongly believe that computer software we are building is just an outcome of understanding our customer’s business and the problems they are facing. We support our clients at any stage of product evolution - from an idea stage to product implementation, support and maintenance. If you decide to work with us, you can expect the following:


Let’s Talk

We will spend time talking to you and understanding your business. Together, we will create requirements for your product and give you an estimation of the efforts.

Let's Talk

Let’s Rock

Our team of experts will work hard on implementing your product with an open ear for your feedback.

Let's Rock

Go Live

As soon as the product suits your expectations we will assist you with the “go live”.

Go Live

We Will Be There For You

We will continue providing maintenance and be the guys that will make sure that everything works perfectly. Whenever there are new ideas we will be happy to help you with a next version of your product.

There For You

What We Do

Mission Critical Systems

Mission Critical Systems

We have strong experience in developing, running and maintaining missions critical software systems where stability and security is top priority. We provide the full package from deciding on the best data-center to host the software to creating and executing maintenance plans for the finished system.

Web Development

Web Development

Advanced web solutions, all to provide you and your Website visitors with great online experience. Our team uses comprehensive latest technologies for Website and application services customised to meet your business objectives.

Smartphone Development

Smartphone Development

We have the best skilled programmers and consultants for developing the next generation of mobile applications. We performed the development of several widely used apps for major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Together with our partners we can offer a broad range of domain expertise, such as e-commerce, trading, customer and financial management systems.

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